The Slayer of Demons99
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Basic Statistics:
Channel Creation Date 3rd November 2015
Group Membership C.A.N.
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Total Subscribers 159
Total Views 13,008
Number of Videos (Number of Commentaries) 38 (14)
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The Slayer of Demons99 is a former commentator who gained a small liking to some people in the commentary community, he started making commentaries in summer 2016, he has a reputation of making commentaries on members of the IGUA such as Duckmaniscutie and Mr Acrizzy.

He gained some notoriety in January 2017 after Doodletones and Joshua commentated on his video on Joshua. This caused him to make a response video to Doodletones and apologised to everyone in order to prevent any more drama stirring up. And eventually, it worked.

On March 14th 2017, Slayer of Demons returned to YouTube under the name Mr. Demon Slayer.

The Slayer of Demons99 VS The Russian Quail Edit

Somewhere around mid to late July, The Russian Quail made a video about MiningBip3 where he threatened to reveal MiningBip3's Personal information if he didn't take down his commentary on Mr Enter. this caused Slayer of Demons and Rayrulez96 to get involved into a cancerous flame war with him. During this flame war, Quail was harassing BriannaBirdDavis and was saying very disturbing things about both her and MiningBip3. Quail also stated that he won't reveal MiningBip's information yet in his next video, but decided that he would reveal it anyways, claiming that he was an attention whore solely because he had suicidal thoughts. Slayer of demons was furious about this and made a one shot commentary on him to put The Russian Quail in his place. In retaliation, Quail made an atrocious commentary on Slayer of Demons, which caused YouTubers such as Nik Brusk and Future Blood to commentate on said atrocious commentary. The drama ended around mid august, where The Russian Quail closed his account for good.

Criticism Edit

Slayer has been shown to be more infamous outside of the commentary community rather than in it. In the past, he was criticised for the very low microphone quality which has been shown in his older videos. He was also given backlash for telling people to leave the internet back when he was known as The Slayer of Demons99 as well as spouting ad-hominem attacks in some of his old commentaries.

As of now, Slayer has fixed all of the issues that people have had with his commentaries ever since he was commentated on by Doodletones and Joshua Culvyhouse and has been given positive feedback from his recent commentaries.

Avatars as The Slayer of Demons99 Edit

  • Guts (Berserk)
  • Artorias The Abysswalker (Dark Souls)

Avatars as Mr. Demon Slayer Edit

  • Bob Oblong (The Oblongs)
  • Chosen Undead (Dark Souls) (Main)
  • Jotaro Kujo (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
  • Elemental HERO Absolute Zero (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  • Samurai Goroh (F-Zero)

People he commentated on as The Slayer of Demons99 Edit

People he commentated on as Mr. Demon Slayer Edit

People who commentated on him as The Slayer of Demons99 Edit

People who commentated on him as Mr. Demon Slayer Edit

  • Euilomer
  • TheOrionBroadcast/SaganFan1983

People he co-oped with as The Slayer of Demons99 Edit

People he co-oped with as Mr. Demon Slayer Edit

•Frozen Angel


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