The 2021 Gamers
2021 gamers logo attempt
Basic Statistics:
Channel Creation Date 2021
Content Information (as of unknown date):
Total Subscribers 129
Total Views 44,790
Number of Videos (Number of Commentaries) 64 (2)
Notable Members:
Jeb Bush

Magma Cleric SusanLucarioFan16 Bayocakes98

The 2021 Gamers is a group created by Jeb Bush after becoming president they later disbanded after Jeb Bush realised commentaries are bad

Past MembersEdit

  • Jeb Bush
  • Magma Cleric
  • SusanLucarioFan16
  • Bayocakes98
  • PichuXCastform123
  • Awesomehuman3
  • hampsterous_rex
  • Treecko101Piplup

People commentated on by The 2021 GamersEdit

Avatars usedEdit

Young JusticeEdit

  • Jeb Bush (Jeb Bush)
  • Aqualad (Magma Cleric)
  • Barbara Gordon/Batgirl (SusanLucarioFan16)
  • Kid Flash (Bayocakes98)
  • Beast Boy (PichuXCastform123)
  • Blue Beetle (AwesomeHuman3)
  • Red Arrow (Hampsterous_rex)
  • Zitanna (Treecko101Piplup)

Gurren LagannEdit

  • Simon (Magma Cleric)
  • Jeb Bush (Jeb Bush)
  • Yoko (SusanLucarioFan16)
  • Kitan (Bayocakes98)
  • Boota (PichuXCastform123)
  • Rossiu (AwesomeHuman3)
  • Lordgenome (Hampsterous_rex)
  • Nia (Treecko101Piplup)


  • Aizen (Magma Cleric)
  • Jeb Bush (Jeb Bush)
  • Yachiru Kusajishi (SusanLucarioFan16)
  • Shunsui Kyōraku (Bayocakes98)
  • Mayuri Kurotsuchi (PichuXCastform123)
  • Grimmjow (AwesomeHuman3)
  • Uryū Ishida (Hampsterous_rex)
  • Nemu Kurotsuchi (Treecko101Piplup)


  • Kotomi (Magma Cleric)
  • Jeb Bush (Jeb Bush)
  • Nagisa (SusanLucarioFan16)
  • Sunehara (Bayocakes98)
  • Ryou (PichuXCastform123)
  • Yukine (AwesomeHuman3)
  • Kyou (Hampsterous_rex)
  • Tomoyo (Treecko101Piplup)

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