Clay (SuperEpicClay) is a former commentator who was one of the more popular commentators in the nutshack.


Clay began in the commentary community with a series of videos on Gligar13vids, gaining him a level noteriety. After that, he created a video on SammyClassicSonicFan , which would become his most popular commentary to date. This video was later commentated on by Bunch of Pseudo Intellectuals, which led to Clay responding to them. This would result in Clay joining the group , making him the second member to be added, behind Davidwash3r3.

After joining B.O.P., Clay began to do more traditional commentaries (excluding his videos on Msminecraftman96 and SammyClassicSonicFan ). These commentaries started with his video on JaphethMario21st, and have continued ever since. Usually talking about subjects such as video games, other commentators, and more recently, politics and ethics.

Since then in June 2016, he's no longer in B.O.P and now joined O.D.D, until he left along with ClumsiBunni. Later then, he retired from doing commentaries.


While being highly successful and generally liked in the community, Clay has been subject to controversy.

Gligar13vids Edit

A still prevalent controversy with Clay is his changed opinion on the infamous Gligar13vids. After his 3 videos on him, Clay talked to Gligar, and his point of view was changed. This caused an uproar amongst his fanbase, which still goes on today, albeit not to the same degree.

Msminecraftman96 Edit

After uploading a video on the troll Msminecraftman96, Clay was quickly met with harsh reception. People became upset at how Msminecraftman96 was apparently 10 years old (this was later proven wrong, however, as Msminecraftman96 was actually StockyOwl150). Clay received very hateful and harsh comments, quickly pulling the video down. He later re-uploaded it after everything calmed down.

ToonLinkPlush64 Edit

ToonLinkPlush64 was a YouTuber who created a "rivalry" between himself and Clay. TLP64 created a video on Mariotehplumber, which Clay responded to. TLP64 did not take this response too well, in fact, months later he began to randomly insult Clay during his videos. Calling him a "crybaby" who felt the need to defend himself. Before Clay could even respond, he deleted his entire channel. Clay would go on to make another video on him , alongside his friend Rion "Rhino" Mills . ToonLinkPlush64 later became a phenomanon amongst Clay's fanbase, resulting in many parody accounts and impersonators. Although he has yet to be found, it is safe to assume TLP64 is still on YouTube.

Illiniguy34 Edit

Clay's last video related to Gligar13vids was with Evan Yeagy on Ernie Krause, or Illiniguy34. Illiniguy did not take the criticism well, flagging Clay and Evan's videos on him. After several days of arguing and a video backing himself upErnie finally removed the flags. This situation and Clay's video would lead to Ernie joining the commentary community.

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Trivia Edit

  • Clay was originally going to do Let's Plays. He uploaded one episode of a Minecraft Let's Play before taking it down.
  • Despite constantly trying to, Clay has yet to actually make a full-on review.
    • He also has yet to upload a countdown, despite being involved with the community and saying he would.
  • Clay has canceled several commentaries, including one on a fellow B.O.P. member, The Masked Starmaker.
  • He credits JonTronShow and CuteFuzzyWeasel as his main influences.