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Channel Creation Date January 17, 2017
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Number of Videos (Number of Commentaries) 26 (7 (all privated))
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StrangeElephant is a retired commentator and ranter who started in June 2017 and has gained a small following. Besides his commentaries, he is also known for making YouTube Poops and memes unde the name PancakeLord117, and his obsession over a cartoon called The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.



Before he started commentaries and rants, StrangeElephant had no interest in doing them and barely even knew about the CC. He was also a notorious bandwagon on DeviantArt from January to March 2017 for being a rabid Enterbot and white knight of Matrooko11, another bandwagon who was known for his underage girl and cartoon obsessions. During this period though, he made cartoon reviews as well. They were met with mostly positive reviews from the animation and reviewing community.

But everything changed in April, when he watched a Matrooko11 rant by a semi-popular commentator and ranter known as BracketNeutron37 out of curiosity. He enjoyed it and was convinced so much, he turned against Matrooko and watched more of his videos (though he no longer enjoys him, finding his beliefs to be ludicrous). Over time, he grew a larger interest in doing commentaries and rants as he watched other commentators. He then left the animation community in May, and started to plan upcoming commentaries and rants instead.

Joining the CCEdit

StrangeElephant's process of joining the CC began as early as April, when he watched videos from BracketNeutron37 and Ottomagic Critic. In May and June, however, he befriended several commentators, such as Frozen Angel and MetalDragon111, and even started a parody channel called AngryBirdsFanatic420, which also does commentaries and rants, but are all jokes.

StrangeElephant's YouTube channel then took off when he uploaded a rant on Alex Minudaka, a girl infamous for her obsession with Duckman, on June 2nd. It was well noticed by commentators and non-commentators alike, and was met with very positive reception, it is also currently StrangeElephant's most viewed and liked video, with 30 likes and almost 1000 views.

But he didn't really join the CC until June 5th, when he uploaded a coommentary on a Wow Wow Wubbzy rant by SpongeBobAndTheLoudHouseFanatic2012. It was also met with positive feedback. Seeing how successful these videos were, StrangeElephant made commentaries and rants the main focus of his channel and continued to do more of them, growing even more popular along the way.

Leaving the CCEdit

In October 2017, StrangeElephant privated all of his commentaries and rants for reasons unknown at the time. He has later stated on a new videot because they no longer interest him, the CC hates him, and material is scare. He now has a passion for YouTube Poop under the name PancakeLord117. However, he has stated that he will still upload videos on his channel, just not frequently.


  • The Elephant of Strange (OC) [Main]
  • Captain K'nuckles (Flapjack) [Main]
  • Tony the Talking Clock (Don't Hug Me I'm Scared)
  • Hungry Pumkin (Pumkin World)
  • Flapjack (Flapjack)
  • Foreman Pig (Angry Birds)
  • Doctor Barber (Flapjack)
  • Clippy (Microsoft) (Retired)

People he commentated onEdit

  • SpongeBobAndTheLoudHouseFanatic2012
  • Daves Toons
  • TheMysteriousMrEnter
  • Alex Minudaka/Duckmaniscutie
  • TheGamerBrony
  • PhantomStrider
  • Behind the Meme

People who commentated on himEdit

People/Things he ranted onEdit

  • Alex Minudaka/Duckmaniscutie
  • EC-707 (Removed)
  • David31
  • Anthonytoney
  • YouTube Self Advertisers
  • SpongeBobAndTheLoudHouseFanatic2012

People who ranted on himEdit

  • FagitTehCommentaryDude (Joke)


StrangeElephant has notably been criticized for ripping off people such as BracketNeutron37 in some scenes of his videos. He has though vowed to tone it down and focus more originally. He has also been bashed on for making poor points and research. He was not well liked by much of the community because of these reasons.


  • He has a huge hatred of the Loud House Fanbase.
  • He dislikes commentaries out of trolls and dead topics as shown in his GamerBrony commentary.
  • He is also a YouTube Pooper by the name of PancakeLord117.