LunaticTheGame is a relatively young commentator who began commentating in late 2016 motivated by his "humiliation" by the Syndicate of Outcasted Commentators commentary on his Gligar13Vids rant (Actually a commentary).

His most notable commentaries include his videos on Frozen Angel, SonicTheDarkEX, TheDarkCommentator and MegaTronDBZ.

List of people he's commentated on Edit

List of people who commentated on him Edit

Avatars Edit

  • Kid Goku (Dragon Ball) [Main]
  • Caulifla (Dragon Ball Super) [Secondary Main]
  • Teen Gohan [Dragon Ball Z]
  • Gladion [Pokemon]
  • Mello [Death Note]
  • Kale [Dragon Ball Super]
  • Tomoko [Watamote]
  • Koto [Yu Yu Hakusho]
  • Goku Black [Dragon Ball Super] (Retired)

Trivia Edit

  • In one of Doodletones streams, Rion "Rhino" Mills began listing off CAN members and their traits. When he came to Lunatic, he stopped for 6 seconds before moving on. Lunatic wasn't amused...
  • He has been in a total of five commentary groups (CAN, SOC, DOC, GOAT and the Cloud Palace)
  • Is annually shipped with friend Jonah Smith for their tendency to co-op.
  • "Research, do it" was intended to be his catchphrase. However he dropped it.