"This right here... This video gave me AIDS, HIV, Cancer, Zika and everything in between!"

Lunaticthegame is a 'lets player' and commentator who started Youtube in the summer of 2013. He technically (But unmeaning-fully) joined the commentary community on April 30, 2016, when he uploaded a commentary on Gligar13Vids. He officially joined the CC on November 26th, 2016 when he uploaded a quick commentary on "WatchMojo's top 10 DBZ" moments. By the way, Lunatic made this page himself... Hey, if I never said it then nobody would have...

Pre-2016 Edit

Lunaticthegame joined Youtube in summer 2013 as jordansims628. He consistently uploaded videos with a phone through the rest of the year. These videos (And videos made up to late 2014) were unlisted and added to a playlist called 'Lunatics Cringe videos'. In early 2014, he announced that he'd be gone from Youtube for a while to deal with personal problems. He didn't formally return until early December 2014 where he tested out with emulators and screen recorders. Eventually, he officially returned from Hiatus on January 22nd, 2015 when he uploaded a new video. In August 2015, his school gave him a computer for school work but it gave him access to the internet and also had Movie Maker installed by default. He experimented between December 2015 and May 2016.

Gligar13Vids trilogy Edit

On April 28th, 2016, Gligar13Vids, an internet troll, uploaded a Youtube video titled "The Nintendo NX will be a flop, while Nintendo abandons hardware". Lunatic, who was looking around for one of Gligars "Bad Games" videos to rant upon (Continuing his experiments), noticed how recently the video was made and decided to jump on the bandwagon. Instead of doing a straight up rant, he mimicked RsGames1999 who had made a few videos on Gligar that inspired him to make a video like it in the future. Unknowingly, he was making a commentary and had no idea that he was. Originally, his plan was to explain why Gligar's trolling style was stupid and cheap. However, realizing how short the video was, he chose to just go all out, expecting nobody to notice or care. Due to his lack of knowledge on commentaries (To the point that he didn't realize there was a difference between ranting and commentaries), his video was a really big mess. It wasn't scripted, instead, it was more of a reaction and he'd think up things as he'd go along and would rarely double take anything. He also didn't know about skipping so he'd interrupt anything that sounded stupid. He also didn't have much material to work with on the video so some moments were very awkward. It was later released on April 30th, 2016 and it reached 100 views in around a week.

Due to the view count from the previous video (And also his lack of ideas in the previous video), he decided to make a second one, this time on "Bad Games: Mother 3". He had watched this video previously (2 years back) but his memory was faint. This time, he continued mimicking Rsgaming1999's style (Believing it was the best). It was released on May 1st, 2016.

He released his final video, this time on "Bad Game: Sonic Unleashed (PS2)". Due to his lack of knowledge on the game (Having only played the PS3 version), he struggled with saying anything while also having to interrupt. He admits that he hated this video even before the SOC problem. In the end, his video was uploaded on June 3rd, 2016. Out off three, this is the only one to have been made private prior to July 2016.

MacboyReducx Edit

Note: MacboyReducx

On May 31st, 2016, at the request of Brainulator 9, MacboyReducx uploaded a short video questioning the 2nd video on Gligar13Vids. Seeing the video for himself, Lunatic stopped making videos until school came back in (So he could get his computer back and respond). In his eventual video response titled 'A message to MacboyReducx', Lunatic calmly accepts that his video was terrible. Lunatic began to re-upload in an orderly fashion when Brainulator 9 suddenly sent him a video by Akriloth2150 titles ' Surprisingly-Omnipresent Cavities'. This was a commentary on SOC's commentary on Lunaticthegames commentary on Gligar13Vids...

Lunatic vs SOC Edit

Note: Syndicate of Outcasted Commentators

On July 8th, 2016, a commentary group named 'The Syndicate of Outcasted Commentators' (consisting of Nihilistic Snake, Kuromefan95, SereousGamer33 and Cl0wn-DUD3) uploaded a commentary on Lunaticthegame titled "This makes us Outcasted Lunatics". Before Lunaticthegame would eventually learn about the video himself, the commentary would have mixed responses. Some hating it for it's poor audio and acting, Cl0wn's performance being pretty bad (Due to a sore throat/puberty) and the video having some moments of inconsistencies (Most infamously, criticizing Lunatic because of is unscripted opening using the word 'like' 13 times and the misspelling script as script). The video was commentated on by Doodletones, Akriloth2150 and Mike J. (With the help of TheMaverickToaster). Doodletone's commentary was later commentated on by Pikachamgamer64 (With Tailsthefox98) which was commentated on by The masked reviewer. Cl0wn-DUD3 is also working on a commentary to Pikacham's video. By the time Lunatic had heard about the video, he had believed all of his troubles were over but hearing about SOC's video, he checked them out so he could make another calm video. Watching it, however, he realized that he would be too blinded by his rage to see past critical thinking even though he is good at accepting the truth so he held everybody off with a joke video (at himself and SOC's reputation). A 8 second response with Lunatic claiming "I have more subs". This lead to Snake firing back with the "So?" comeback. Lunatic, tipped off, tells him that it was a joke and that he himself must have just watched 5 seconds. In actuality, unforeseen circumstances lead to him taking any references of it being a joke out. The video was quietly unlisted as a means of keeping hate comments away from his channel. On September 18th, 2016, he uploaded his actual response video (Not a commentary, though) to the group telling them what he thought about the video.

Nobody in SOC has commentated on the response and it's easy to guess why...

Joining the Community Edit

After being subscribed to by Tailsthefox98 and Discount, Lunatic learned some things about commentaries and decided to someday take a stab at it. On November 27th 2016, he officially made his first commentary which was on WatchMojo's 'Top 10 Dragon Ball Z moments' where he criticized their lack of research and thought in the list. It was a very quick commentary with him only talking about the 10th, 7th, 5th, 4th and 1st placements on the list. Due to bad scripting, neglect and later on bad timing, the video ended up being pretty bad. Though he wouldn't know of how bad it was (Though it later gained a jump in views because it was added into a free material playlist made by Doodletones which led him to become paranoid), he decided to keep going just for fun. On December 16th, 2016, he uploaded his next commentary, this time on someone by the name of TheRobloxer22388 (Who isn't a commentator, just a young let's player) who had uploaded a rant in February 2016 on Sonic 06 which at the time, had been 9 years old. Lunatic openly admits that he made this commentary just for the sake of making one but he still feels satisfied with the end result.

Arc 1 (Finding the Dragon Balls Arc) Edit

He uploaded his 3rd (Official) commentary on January 14th, 2017, which was on Score PN, a Dragon Ball Youtuber who made a video on why he thought GT sucked. However, Lunatic criticized his points, claiming half of them to be nonsense and that the entire video lacked direction (Though Lunatic admits that GT is bad).

After noticing a bump in views on his first commentary, he learned that the video was added into Doodletoons free material playlist. However, he pretended like he didn't notice or care worried that he might cause drama. Though with future knowledge, he just waited for something bad to happen and wondered what mistakes he might point out. Eventually it would happen without surprise and he didn't say much about the videos. Though later, he would tease that he was working on his next commentary which was on Jonah Smith which led to his 4th commentary. He explained that while Jonah's video wasn't bad, it felt like it was made just to be made and Lunatic admitted that this was his only response. In early march he would lose Videpad and would have to resort to Movie Maker for other content. Though because of Black Borders, he lost his drive for commentaries until getting it back in early April. Later on, he would join the Corporation of the Alternative Nitpickers and stuck through (Praying for the first commentary to get out because he visits every day to check his lines and... well it isn't fun...).

He began a quest for the Dragon Balls in early January though it hasn't officially began (The arc will either debut in his next commentary or C.A.N.S first comm).

Personal Life Edit

For some reason, he hates seeing his friends fight which we all suppose is why he sticks around the community (Not like he'd consider anyone in the community his friends...). His age isn't exactly unknown but it'll be if you watch a lot of his previous videos from years ago when he casually said his age.

Avatars Edit

  • Kid Goku (Primary)
  • Teen Gohan (Other Primary)
  • Goku Black (Other)
  • SSJ2 Gohan (Former)
  • Kid Gohan (Former)

List of people he's commentated on Edit

List of people who commentated on him Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The trivia gets longer and longer as it goes along...
  • He has OCD and Asperger's syndrome.
  • He made the commentator info box... which everyone seemed to use after that...
  • He seems to like the Dragon Quest series due to the fact that nobody plays it which led him to bringing it up randomly. He regretted that...
  • He did not know what a commentary was until he finished his 3rd... it makes sense, trust me.
  • Outside of his trouble with the SOC (Which he only just got over btw), he is easily the most forgiving commentator in the community (His commentary on Jonah involves him mostly correcting his lines and he said at the end that he only made it since it was painful for any Dragon Ball fan to watch)
  • He blocked Mav station for running around his channel and commenting (Openly regretting it because he finds blocking people a sign of weakness) in August 2016... but didn't know how to unblock him... Oops.
  • His name, Lunaticthegame, was partly inspired by WWE's Dean Ambrose which is odd since he loathes WWE with a burning passion.
  • He wanted to name his commentaries "Lunatic Asylum Commentaries" but backed out since he thought it sounded dumb
  • When his first (official) commentary had a sudden spike in views. He proclaimed that somebody must have made a commentary on it, became paranoid and made his 2nd commentary private.
  • He's begun his (Possibly endless) quest to become the greatest Dragon Ball nerd on the internet. However, he chose to alter it and just set out to find the 7 Dragon Balls instead.
  • Just mentioning #Blackbordersmatter will send him into rage. Mostly because he JUST taught himself how to fix it... and sometimes it undoes itself to his annoyance. The explanation given by Soc doesn't help his feelings for it. It was even worse when he lost Videopad and had to resort back to Movie Maker which has unfixable black borders...
  • Because of his username. His 3rd commentary takes place in an insane asylum. His 4th took place in a padding room...
  • He usually avoids making commentaries on commentators because obvious reasons... however this happens to bite him later on.

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