Joe Crusher Pickles is a current bandwagon in the commentary community, due to his obsessive hatred for cartoon reviewer Alexander Cayford (but moved on from it when Cayford stopped making cartoon reviews). Every single commentary on Alexander Cayford has been requested by Joe Crusher Pickles (except for Trent's Bored Corner, MDXLR and Your girlfriend Twilght Sparkle), and he is not above constantly pestering YouTubers such as Doodletones, TheUtubedude101 and Rion "Rhino" Mills to cover his videos. MacboyReducx called out his behavior and, as of July 26, 2016, he has received an article on Encyclopedia Dramatica. He tried to make people believe that he is a troll and claimed to be "inspired" by Clay Claymore and JesusWithBazookaz79, with disproven proof to back up his claims. He also has a history of stealing art on DeviantArt with his "letmerok" account, which ended in 2013 after YouTube user LeoFan93 called him out for this. Whenever he was called out for his art theft, he either blamed it on a brother whose existance is unverified or left a bunch of insults or threats. The DeviantArt account now has an idea for a webtoon inspired by JesusWithBazookaz79 about a little anthropomorphic sheep who fights against Internet "scumbags". Joe Crusher Pickles was originally was gonna cite Lolita Channel's Yo-kai Watch hentai CGs([1],[2]) as one of the main inspirations for his webtoon, but he later scrapped those two inspirations for his webtoon and decided to cite Lolita Channel's Jewelpet hentai CG([3],[4]) as one of the main inspirations for his webtoon due his detractors calling him a "Lolicon Fanatic" and him finally realizing that Yo-Kai Watch is shit thanks to Clay Claymore and JesusWithBazookaz79.

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