Illuminati Guy 34 has sex in public
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I like north dakota

He is the evil leader of the Illuminati and the long lost brother of Macboy Reducx with a strange obession with pyramids. He was the weakest Illniguy and was made fun of it by the other Illiniguys. He grew a hatred to the rest of his clan one day he couldn't handle it anymore and killed the 33 other Illiniguys. He became known as Illuminati Guy 34 after killing and absorbing the power of the rest of the Illiniguys. He then created the secret organisation the illuminati and created the fake identity Ernie. He wants to destroy the universe and recreate it because it is RAW

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  • Himself

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List of commentaries by Illiniguy34

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Trivia Edit

  • He was originally going to do assassinate Bourg Productions' but changed his mind for whatever reason
  • He single-handedly infected the CC with some deadly disease with users such as Mike JohnstonSilverYagami, MidnightAnubis, 8363MTR, Blueflame3500, DynamoRox4Sure, and NESMario123 in 1998 (Hint Hint 1999 WAS 1000 TIMES BETTR).
  • He likes murder.
  • Silverniguy was a terrible ship.
  • His favourite fellow Illiniguy was Illiniguy6 so now he wear his uniform in battle
  • He made his followers build a giant floating pyramid
  • He is currently in a relationship with Jeb Bush. 

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