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GurigorloX is a commentator who has been a bandwagon for a very long time, due to how he tends to make a lot of bad points in his commentaries. Interest in him was piqued when he received criticism for his initial commentaries, prompting him to make one of the most infamous examples of an anti-commentary-community rant in the community's collective memory. He also gained notoriety for another video he did where he defended the "clopper" demographic in the Brony fandom, which received plenty of flak partly because of the controversial topic of cloppers, but mostly because of his poor defense of the topic that happened to include a ludicrous comparison between anti-cloppers and homophobes. He also makes a lot a troll videos like "Sonic is Better Than Mario", "Call Of Duty is better than Mega Man". Recently, he has started to hate MLP. He also made a parody based character named: DarkEmoMario64, a Mario recolor SJW Manchild Enterbot (who is butt-buddies with Matthew Davis IGUA, 03bgood and Alexander Cayford) who makes rants and commentaries. Other users have made their own DarkEmoMario64 videos as well.

Avatars Edit

  • EVA-Unit 01 (Conn Swagge'n Eddio)
  • Blue Hedgehog Sonic
  • Metal Man (IronMan)
  • Hit requiem absorbed god (Hit Interviews arc)
  • Rei (Fist Of The North Star (What does that mean a fist coming out off a star))
  • Pyro (Team Fortress 500)
  • Master Chef (Sean and Halo)
  • M. Bison (Korean Street Fighter)
  • SackBoy (LittleBigPlanet.EXE)
  • Bubbles (King Kais monkey)
  • Fluttershy Brimley (There and back again)
  • Gold Lightan (Mega FAG)
  • Elvise (God Of War Arc)

People he commentated on Edit

  • PrinceSephiroth
  • Benthelooney (three times)
  • Pittrocks56 (twice)
  • IanPancakez078
  • A Sonic McDonalds Pakistan Commercial
  • Fox News
  • Himself (twice)
  • KirbyMSCReturns
  • Shellshock39
  • MrSMBRulez (twice)
  • AknotholeResident/DigiBrushStroke
  • Turkish Star Wars
  • MichaelDragon800
  • Coffeelover239
  • SammyClassicSonicfan
  • lusionpinchlopans
  • Johnathan Mann
  • Eddy The Scammer (twice)
  • Moviebob

People that commentated on him Edit

People that DarkEmoMario64 commentated on Edit

  • PimpinmasterDX
  • Gligar13Vids (twice)
  • Mariotehplumber
  • MacboyReducx
  • Emer Prevost (twice as a joke)
  • Irate Gamer
  • Game Dude
  • Asalieri (as a joke)
  • Clay Claymore (twice as a joke)
  • X-Play
  • TOGProfessor
  • JesusWithBazookas79 (twice as a joke)
  • Chadwarden
  • Tyshawn Zone
  • Eddy The Scammer
  • Veryinvalid
  • Da Bezd Chanl
  • Fishninator 2
  • Matthew Davis IGUA
  • Trent's Bored Corner (twice)
  • 03bgood
  • Youngbloodfantasy91
  • Dillon the Hacker
  • Seth Dub