Frozen Angel (Formally Angel Of Death) is a commentator who gained a small following in the commentary community. He made his first commentary in October of 2016. He began making text commentaries, he then moved to Speakonia for a few commentaries, and then he moved on to using his real voice back in April 2017, after being criticized about using Speakonia by Doodletones.

Avatars Edit

  • Eddie the Head (Iron Maiden) (Main)
  • The President (Saints Row)
  • Genji (Overwatch)
  • Protoman (Megaman)
  • Cyborg Ninja (Metal Gear Solid)
  • Metal Sonic
  • Dante (Devil May Cry)
  • Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)
  • Bomberman
  • Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)

People he commentated on Edit

  • WatershipDownFanatic2003 (Twice)
  • TripleB780 (Twice)
  • Ju7641
  • Matt TheGoAnimator (Twice)
  • Brendan Barney
  • African Vulture
  • Robbie The Space Raccoon
  • MrAcrizzy
  • AlmirUptown
  • Michael The GoAnimate Guy
  • Jethrotex
  • Fawful's Minion
  • Yoshi Player
  • FarhanTheMovieGuy
  • PhantomStrider
  • MindChop
  • A.S.K. Air
  • Sam Da Vlogger
  • Fuji Domo (On Vid.Me)
  • Meta527ii
  • Scotty3861
  • ItionoBen
  • D2COOL Gaming
  • Kothorix
  • BriceBlueGuy
  • TheMysteriousMrEnter
  • Awesomeness 45
  • Doodletones

People who commentated on him Edit

  • Doodletones
  • Awesomness45
  • FaggotTehCommentaryDood (Joke)
  • Lunaticthegame
  • Jonah Smith
  • FyroForVictory
  • NextGWSMan
  • TheMentalSpaghettiNoodle 2900

Frozen Angel Vs Fawful's Minion Edit

In March 2017, Frozen Angel made a commentary on Fawful's Minion, and he saw it and posted it to his twitter and showed it to a commentator by the name of Doodletones, and he did a commentary on it. In June 2017, Frozen Angel asked Fawful's Minion questions and he got fed up and blocked him, Frozen Angel then made alts to spam him, and a few weeks later, said sorry to Fawful's Minion and his fans, and he got unblocked.

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