Commentary Secret Wars is a crappy crossover Fiction series made by Garrett Kline where all the Garrett Klines end up on a planet and do stuff nobody cares about. Thankfully, a better version of the fanfic has been written and put on this very wiki. Enjoy!

Commentary Secret Wars!
Basic Information:
Video Creator  ????
Video Creation Date 2015
Content Information (as of unknown date):
Total Views Unknown
Like/Dislike Ratio Unknown Likes/Unknown Dislikes

Cool People Edit

  • Garrett Kline
  • Garrett Kline
  • Garrett Kline
  • Garrett Kline
  • Garrett Kline
  • Garrett Kline

Number of Participants: Garrett Kline

All the Garrett Klines talk about kancolle and then Todd shows up and says they have bad taste then they get into a argument and it annoys everyone on skype

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