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While so far I've said good things about this show, there's still one teensy weensy itty bitty thing they got wrong. EVERYTHING ELSE!

Benjamin "Ben" Tannehill, better known as Benthelooney, is a YouTuber who specializes in ranting and reviewing, mostly cartoons and popular movies. He is one of the most infamous names in the CC, having been an enormous bandwagon from 2011-2014.

History Edit

Ben started ranting in 2011. He quickly became a bandwagon for his ludicrous and often factually wrong statements over the things he ranted on. More and more commentaries started popping up on him as the years went on, and he often times deflected criticism by saying his opinions solely belong to the Ben T. Looney character, which only worsened his situation. Ben's most notable situation was with SuperFunnyBros, who commentated on his Family Guy rant, one of Ben's most controversial videos. In 2014, Ben would lay his Ben T. Looney character to rest to focus on other projects and art school. Ben resurrected the character once more in November 2015, only to retire it again in summer 2016.

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