Association of Total Maniacs (also with me)
Basic Statistics:
Channel Creation Date September 17, 2015
Content Information (as of September 17, 2015):
Total Subscribers Me.
Total Views Only me.
Number of Videos (Number of Commentaries) TBA (1. That had me.)
Notable Members:

Association of Total Maniacs, or ATM for short, was a commentary group created by slothboy494, Pringletheone, and TVBRobotnik. The group was formed on YouTube during September 17, 2015 and officially closed on September 20, 2015, merely 3 days after its inception, which by the way, I was there for.. I was there for the

ATM released its trailer the first day they came together including me. However, the trailer received incredibly negative reception and all of its members were heavily criticized and bashed for it. I was very bashed. Slothboy subsequently disbanded the group following the influx of hatred, before they released a single commentary.

Past membersEdit